volvo truck


Main activities: 


Road transport of complete, groupage and over dimensional loads, including import, export, transit – Europe – Asia, as well as domestic transports.

Main destinations:


Bulgaria – Scandinavia – Bulgaria;

Bulgaria – Western Europe – Bulgaria;

Bulgaria – Balkan Region – Bulgaria;

Europe – Iran, IraqEurope;

Europe Near East/AZ, Arm, Ge, Kaz, Tmn, Uz, Afg, Krg, Syr, Jor, Il, TR, etc.;



- Transits

- Railway transport

- Containers

- Multimodal and combined transports, including – river-sea, truck-wagon, truck-wagon-container etc.

- Logistic services, including transport management, monitoring, tracking and tracing, transport marketing, development of optimal transport schemes and technologies, control of the quality of the transport service.